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Paid2Trade Active Trader Chat Room

If you are an active trading you may want to consider spending time in the paid2trade trader chat room. Many of the people in the room have been trading stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds for years. We have every level of trader inside the trader chat room from brand new beginner trader to advanced high frequency traders (HFT) using total automation. The trading chat room is free, and a great source of quick information. Many of the traders will call out and announce news on stocks, companies, and events impacting the markets around the world.

Gaining every possible edge is really needed if your going to be an active day trader.

The Paid2Trade trader chat room only requires friendliness and honest posting (stock pump and dumps not welcome, but trading in penny stocks is fine).  If you have a stock or other type of trading question it is hard to get an answer quicker than posting in real time and receiving and answer in real time. The trading chat room is like having a free trading customer service department at your fingertips ready and willing to help out.

I get a lot of my trading ideas from the room as people call out stocks they are looking at, about to trade, or just traded. It’s a very powerful tool to have in your trading arsenal.

Here is the link to the trading chat room (you do need to be signed in to enter the room, but its free and painless) and I look forward to seeing you in there.

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